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  1. Goltihn 11 months ago

    I also like it when sweatsop owners dialogue their employees. It's so believable when they say they love working for him and will be back for more torment, I mean work. They know that if they tell the truth they will never get work again so that means they can fully tell the truth, with him holding a camera looking into there eyes right? That is objective. Yeah, um NO. You are naive, stupid or both.

  2. Arashigar
    Arashigar 10 months ago

    One thing that I would have done a little different would be to gift the money to the stepdad instead of to the wedding directly. At that point the wedding would still have been paid for by the stepdad, and it is a lot harder to be all "Well you gave dad money, why not me?" instead of "Well you gave our other sibling money, why not me?"

  3. Shakasho 10 months ago

    You're hot sweetie

  4. Grolmaran
    Grolmaran 10 months ago

    one of my ex gfs has an butt just like this. so good watching it bounce

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