Birthday roast invitations


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  1. Micage
    Micage 8 months ago

    As a law enforcement officer, we are trained to take it 1 level higher than our attacker! Meaning if an attacker throws a rock at me, I have the right to use lethal force against that attacker! Who said that a rock hitting someone in the right place on the head or in the eye couldn’t kill someone? It has before!

  2. Fenrigar
    Fenrigar 8 months ago

    jerk your wet crotch

  3. Guramar 7 months ago

    Carli that might be your best movie yet, Your beautiful face ind hot figure make me want you even more. Came hard watching this,

  4. Yom 7 months ago

    Left the theater an hour ago. Went saw it with my son and some of his friends. I will be dragging tomorrow, today, whenever this is. It was a good movie.

  5. Nejin
    Nejin 7 months ago

    Lol. What's the giggle for?

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