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  1. Akijora 2 years ago

    Fancy a chat

  2. JoJogal 2 years ago

    Hey. Good morning. Lol I have another question for you guys. So, my half sister whom I don’t have the closest relationship with is graduating from uni. Last I saw her and that side of the family was February. She mentioned her graduation party; I asked her to send me details so I could block it off on my calendar. She nor any of that side of the family has sent me details, though when I have talked to my grandma she has made a habit of mentioning it. When she asked me if I was coming, I noted I wasn’t sure because I did not receive an invite. She noted I’m family and don’t need an invite without understanding the context that I’m not that close to her son and his family.

  3. Kigakinos 2 years ago

    who else thinks that she looks like hermione from harry potter

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