Chubby cake song


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  1. Araktilar 2 years ago

    They're on the phone screaming .SELL SELL SELL !

  2. Arara
    Arara 2 years ago

    wiping those gains has been the goal of the democrat party from day one. they can not beat this president while the economy is strong so they have to destroy the economy to get to him. meanwhile the rest of us suffer for it.

  3. Menris
    Menris 2 years ago

    Do we want to have a vote on the implementation of a SARCASM tag?

  4. Gataxe 2 years ago

    la verdad que esa gente asi si la corta feo vale no saben disfrutar de el erotismo sanamente y bueno lamento lo que te paso a mi me paso algo paresido y se que es duro cariƱo ojala puedas resolver tu problema y seuir disfrutando de una preciosura como tu bb

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