Free big boob housewives


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  1. Mira 1 year ago

    I hanker to have a woman like Gina in my life!

  2. Fejin 1 year ago

    Being ridiculous never deters the DemoDummies, any more than outright criminality does. The DemoCriminals respond only to power plays. They are such crooks. The vote-stealing in Florida was infuriating. That Broward County election supervisor should have been imprisoned for decades the last time she pulled this crap. Ironic that the Republican governor of Florida who failed to prosecute her almost lost his Senate race as a result. Lesson for President Trump and all Republicans: no act of kindness to a Democrat goes unpunished. Prosecute them when you have the opportunity. Hint: Hillary is not showing gratitude to the Trump administration for not prosecuting her. Quite the opposite. She needs to be in prison so bad.

  3. Ninos
    Ninos 1 year ago

    Thank you all for being there for me

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