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  1. Akinolmaran 1 year ago

    It's a nice movie, but the script is not believable. This lady was supposedly visiting the city, deliberately separated from her bf and was supposed to meet him afterward but he didn't tell her where to meet? And they don't have mobile smartphones? And then she happens to meet a duo on the street and gets invited to come up to their motel room and have her very first lesbo practice?

  2. Kagakinos
    Kagakinos 1 year ago

    Hi Add me to add spice in your life

  3. Mazugul
    Mazugul 1 year ago

    did you watch fireworks

  4. Kele
    Kele 1 year ago

    Freudian slips are honest and true in most cases.

  5. Dairg 1 year ago

    ano skype mo Mscruz.

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