Fuck jasmin


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  1. Togor 1 year ago

    My BFF and her lil kiddo are going to be staying w us for a while because her marriage is on the rocks. Never get 3000 sq ft all your friends who hate their spouses will end up temporarily living w you.

  2. Fauran 1 year ago

    Rebecca More proves once again she has the filthiest gob in the world.

  3. Tosar
    Tosar 1 year ago

    No I'm not. What? Are you wanting them to spell it out for you? Draw you a picture? The facts about epigenetics is all you should need. That's the problem with you guts.you want yo be spoon fed everything. You refuse to think. The reason they can't and wont spell it out for you is because it's politically incorrect to do so.

  4. Daishicage
    Daishicage 1 year ago

    Hey girl what's up I think we should chat cause your cute and I already known hot so what's up

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