Passion sex


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  1. Zulkik 2 years ago

    When I was pregnant with my little one the thought briefly crossed my mind. I had just started a new job, moved 7 hours away, my mom revealed she had cancer and things were not great in my marriage. Ultimately I'm glad I didnt but the choice needs to be there. My situation wasnt as serious but that's the closest I've ever came to seriously considering an abortion.

  2. Faull 2 years ago

    That's Kendra Roll. I love the way she dances!

  3. Fekasa 2 years ago

    Well, thank you for your Comment. And beingk vjdhbka l

  4. Nejind 2 years ago

    Leave it to Bama to imprison the doctor providing an abortion for a 12 year old rape victim longer than the rapist.

  5. Voodoor 2 years ago

    Drink all your juices.

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