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  1. Yokinos 1 year ago

    I believe there is no parallel between the rise of Naziism in Germany and the antics of the alt-right crackers in this nation today. What lifted the Nazis to power in the 1930's were economic factors promises of bread, jobs and dignity to a population that had been humiliated and economically crippled by the Treaty of Versailles and was now devastated by the Great Depression and an ineffective Weimar government. Such factors do not remotely exist in this nation. While scapegoating Jews, communists and others for the population’s woes was part of the dialogue, it was food in the bellies of a starving population not their xenophobic messages that brought them to power. The Holocaust Museum has a good essay on the rise of Naziism in Germany in the 1920's & ‘30's.

  2. Nimuro
    Nimuro 1 year ago

    i want jizz in my cunt not my mouth

  3. Tura
    Tura 1 year ago

    Not at all, that just seems like a good thing to do imo

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