Mom eats daughters ass


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  1. Nelabar
    Nelabar 4 months ago

    1. No, banking is for marriage or whatever is close to that nowadays (I'm old). I understand people can be together forever and never marry for whatever reason (on the run from johnny law, already married, russian spy, actually a different sex than what you said, maybe a few others). Not just dating, but a serious relationship which this does not seem to be (with what little info I have).

  2. Dar 4 months ago

    Seriously? Men don’t just want ‘a woman’ anymore than women just want ‘a man’ and I honestly find this implication slightly offensive. Men aren’t mindless, women obsessed animals as you suggest.

  3. Yozshugore 4 months ago


  4. Gardaramar
    Gardaramar 4 months ago

    Is this real life?

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